Operating Principles

Sappers Network will:

  • Maintain an industry standard database to support our operations in order to match Client and Customer needs
  • Use our website and social media to signpost services provided by others, including CV templates and networking advice
  • Pass on those who require more personalised support to the REA, REVETT and InstRE, as appropriate
  • Complement the role of the MoD Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and existing transition partners but not replace it
  • Encourage retention in order that serving sappers maximise their qualifications and experience during their service in the knowledge that Sappers Network is there, alongside the CTP, to help them secure gainful employment
  • Comply with all statutory requirements, including Recruitment and Data Protection regulations

Services on Offer

As part of a professional employment service, Sappers Network will:

  • Match our people’s skills and experience to employers’ requirements through the creation and maintenance of a database of individuals, their CVs and extant job opportunities.
  • Provide advice to companies on RE competencies, which are well documented internally, but less well understood by employers.

And, in addition, where appropriate and able:

  • Provide links to training providers, other job agencies and to Corps’ organisations (REA – particularly for benevolence – Institution, RE CPD).
  • Provide advice on training and interviews.
  • Provide advice on CVs.
  • Give guidance on employment suitability.


  • Candidates will submit their CVs online and complete a questionnaire.
  • The CV will be reviewed and amended if necessary.
  • Candidate interviews will be conducted where necessary.
  • The finished CV will be stored on the database and turned into a Safe CV (no contact details attached).

Sappers Network will:

  • Contact the company to discuss the Job Specification and candidate pool.
  • Match candidates to job specifications using ‘Influence’, which has the capability to initiate this process automatically.
  • Produce a short list for the company following discussion with candidates.
  • Forward the short list to the company.

Sappers Network will also, where appropriate and within capacity:

  • Signpost additional support.
  • Assist with individual applications.
  • Refer benevolent needs to the Royal Engineers Association.