The Royal Engineers' own employment support service and network for Regulars, Reservists and Veterans

Sappers Network Ltd (SNL) has been established to deliver and run an online employment support service for Corps’ Service Leavers, Reserves and Veterans of all ranks, who seek employment and support beyond that available from the MOD and other career transition support organisations.

The SNL team, comprising Bob Lisle and Fiona Louch, works closely with industry and individuals to develop the growing database of jobs and applicants.

If you are a Candidate seeking a role, please register here and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Regular updates of roles that may be suitable for you are sent to registered candidates as well as through unit RCMOs.

If you are a Employer wishing to employ former Sappers, please register here or contact Bob Lisle direct.

Sappers Network is free to all RE Service Leavers, Reserves and Veterans.

Sappers Network is run by Sappers for the benefit of Sappers.


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"To enhance and promote military engineering competence through individual and corporate membership"
"To promote and support the Corps by acting as a link between serving and former members of the Corps"
"To coordinate, engage and communicate with the Corps' formations and units"
"To advance the Continuous Professional Development of Regulars and Reservists through recognised vocational education training schemes and associated qualifications"
"To deliver and run an employment support network for serving and former members of the Corps and to engage with external organisations and individuals to expand the Corps' influence and reputation"

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Listed below are just a few of the companies we have worked with in the past to find Sappers employment.