Summary of Qualifications, Accreditation, Professional Recognition Awards (PRA) and Professional Registration Available to Royal Engineer Soldiers by Rank (22 Sep17)

Trades in Industry – Military equivalent

Section Manager

Could be for civil or M&E. Ideally these will be Chartered, or working towards attaining Chartered status. They will be delivering work in the region of £10M or so. Military equivalent would be PQE Capt or Maj, GE or Clerk of Works. They need to have some delivery experience in particular managing sub-contract packages, undertake design management in order to ensure buildability, and be able to lead teams up to 10 permanent employees such as engineers and foremen/ GF and Stakeholder management.

Senior Engineer

Similar to above but more involved in the detail. Potentially a STRE 2IC or Operations Officer. We would like people with experience of designing and controlling Permanent and Temporary Works and writing of method statements.

Foremen, General Foreman and Works Managers

These are equivalent of Sgt, SSgt, WO2, WO1 or GE/ MPF. Responsible for the delivery of the work as stated in Method Statements, ensure quality of work – Right First Time, putting people to work and making sure they deliver in a safe manner. Needs to be able to work with engineers and project management to understand issue. Will produce records and contribute to the planning process.

Planning Engineers

Need a tech background to unpick how things are built and translate into a programme. Then monitor performance and productivity against the programme. need fine attention to detail and an enquiring mind. Ideally they will know Primera P6 software, but not essential. They may also know about Lean techniques. Ideally PQE, Clk of Works or GE.

Safe System of Works Engineer

This is a new role with companies still developing the job spec. They will be planning for high pressure possession of railways to enable us to complete work. These possessions need meticulous planning so that work gets completed and doesn’t overrun. they need attention to detail, excellent planning and ability to unpick complicated sequences, it would be good if they know about wargaming, build relationships and stakeholder management, and good admin skills. This is paying around £30-35k.

Quality Manager

Looks after the quality management plan, and implementing audits of workmanship. Works to promote quality methods and Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) and defect free working. Needs some technical knowledge, some trade skills to understand methods. Needs to be collaborative with foreman and engineers and client inspectors or certifiers. Lean methods and knowledge of a programme called SNAGR would really help. Ideal for Clerk of Works SSgt – WO1 or GE.

Health and Safety Advisors

Works on major projects advising managers and production staff on production of Risk Assessments, audits safe systems of work, assists with management inspections, advises on or conducts incident investigations, collates management information for reports, analyses trends and make recommendations for improvements. Manage and lead project induction process. Minimum qualification is IOSH.

CAD Draughtsman

Any Class 2 or 1 Design Draughtsman or M&E Draughtsman can fill this role. Knowledge of Building Infrastructure Modelling (BIM) is desirable.

Logistics Manager

Manage logistics for large projects, could include fleet management (Plant, vehicles and equipment), oversight of ordering of materials and storage, and delivery schedules on to tight sites. Could be SQMS, TQMS, RQMS, or Res Spec Class 1, or LE QM.

Procurement or Buyer

Sourcing and buying of material, supplies and plant. Use of company credit cards. Ideally Class 1 Res Spec. No GRD available.

General Trades in the Royal Engineers

  • Geographic Technician
  • Electrician
  • Fitter General (Equipment Mechanic)
  • Fitter (Air conditioning & Refrigeration)
  • Heating and Plumbing Engineer
  • Design Draughtsman
  • Draughtsman (Electrical and Mechanical)
  • Constructions Materials Technician
  • Surveyor
  • Bricklayer and Concreter
  • Fabricator (Metal worker)
  • Carpenter and Joiner
  • Building and Structural Finisher
  • Plant Operator Mechanic
  • Engineer Logistics Specialist
  • Communications Information Systems Specialist
  • Armoured Engineer
  • Driver
  • Diver
  • Clerk of Works Mechanical
  • Clerk of Works Electrical
  • Clerk of Works Construction

Management and Leadership Positions in the Royal Engineers

  • Project Manager
  • Transport Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Plant Foreman
  • Operations Manager