Sappers Network offers exclusive access to a pool of talent that combines the discipline and commitment instilled by successful military careers with a wide range of commercially valuable trade and management skills. Our database includes skilled recent leavers, experienced members of the Reserve and former members of the Corps who have been successful in subsequent careers.

The Royal Engineers select and train some of the Army’s best-educated and most capable men and women. Highly qualified when they leave the service, Sappers are renowned for their adaptability, resourcefulness and willingness to tackle challenges, both as leaders and as team members. Recent conflicts have honed their experience in delivering large-scale and complex engineering projects in challenging environments.

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Our Employer Offer

We offer direct access to former Royal Engineers with a broad range of management experience and with a diverse range of project and trade supervisory skills (see Trades).

We provide three service levels:

  • Tailored skill search to match ongoing client needs on a retained basis
  • Database search to introduce candidates for one-off talent needs
  • Advertising posts on our jobs board

We will provide a fixed fee quote for each client need based on the value we deliver.

Why Sappers Network?

  • We provide direct access to Royal Engineer leavers; we have first call on their talent
  • We are run by former Royal Engineers with subsequent commercial experience; we understand both the capability of our people and the needs of business
  • We have the experience and knowledge to map military careers and experience onto business needs; we make the best possible candidate matches
  • We have access to a wider range of Royal Engineer talent including recent leavers, Reserves and Veterans
  • We support RE charitable funds; all fees go back into supporting Royal Engineers, past and present

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to meet your talent needs.

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