About Us

Sappers Network is the Corps of Royal Engineers’ own employment support service and network for Regulars, Reservists, Veterans and Retired

Sappers Network has been established by the Corps to help you to find employment and to assist with your transition when you decide to leave the Army. The focus is on you, the Sapper, whether you are a regular, a reservist, a veteran or have retired from active service. We have links with employers, both large and small, across many industry sectors, who recognise the skills that you have and are keen to employ you.


Sappers Network has the following objectives:

  • To provide an employment support service to match RE Service Leavers, Reserves and Veterans with the needs of industry
  • To support retention through the provision of future employment opportunities
  • To enhance the Corps’ influence and reputation with industry and the wider population
  • To develop additional revenue for the Royal Engineers Association


Sappers Network is part of the organisational structure of The Royal Engineers Association (Registered Charity number 258322)

Fiona Louch is the Employment Coordinator who is the first point of contact for employers who are seeking to fill roles; she is also responsible for the candidate database and is the first point of contact for Sappers seeking employment.

Why do we need Sappers Network?

There are many benefits to be gained from Sappers Network:

  • It is the right thing to do for our people
  • It aids recruitment as children and relatives of our Veterans see that we care for our people in the long term
  • It is retention positive as our soldiers know that they will get help to find work when the time comes
  • It will provide donations for the Royal Engineers Association
  • It works closely with other Corps entities including the Royal Engineers Association to provide whole life support to the Corps community